Wayside Arrow Escape

Wayside Arrow Escape 1.0

Wayside Arrow Escape is a free classical platform game
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Wayside Arrow Escape is a free classical platform game.
This game was developed for Nickelodeon, based in Wayside, a cartoon continuously broadcasted since 2006. You can play the game for free in Nickelodeon's site, but you cannot download it. NowStat distributes it free.

In this game, you will have to help Todd and Maurecia NOT to fall in love. To achieve that, you will have to guide both characters to the top floor of the Wayside School, avoiding the "love arrows" that Myron (the cupid of the love goddess Dana) will fire at them. You will control a character at a time, switching them by pressing the Shift key. You will need to keep in mind that Todd can climb ladders, but Maurecia cannot, since she wears roller skates. Therefore, Todd must operate the forklifts to allow Maurecia to go to the upper floors. You can pick ice bags, which will help you to keep low the "fire of love". In order to avoid the arrows, at a given time you must leave the character you are not controlling protected behind a platform. This way Myron's arrows will fall on the platform, not the character.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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